Welfare Activities

Punjab Police has raised a welfare fund for its employees in the department. The contribution is very meager as a class IV employee pays Rs. 6, Constables/Head Constables and ministerial staff Rs. 10, ASIs/SIs and Inspectors Rs.20 and the gazetted officers Rs. 30 per month. Further, contribution from Class-IV employees is Rs. 5, from Constables/Head Constables and equivalent ministerial staff Rs. 15, from ASIs/SIs and Inspectors and equivalent ministerial staff Rs.25 and from gazetted officers Rs. 100 towards education fund. Also Constable/Head constable and equivalent ministerial staff contribute Rs. 2, ASIs, SIs and Inspectors and equivalent ministerial staff Rs. 3 and gazetted officers Rs. 5 towards sports fund.

Out of this welfare fund the refundable loans are given for the marriage of self/daughter/ sons/dependent sister, for serious sickness, higher specialized education like medical and engineering and for construction of house. The amount sanctioned for such purposes are based on rank of the employees. Constables/Head Constables get Rs. 10,000, ASIs/SIs/ Inspector/NGOs Rs. 20,000 and gazetted officers Rs. 30,000, @ 5% interest.

Non-refundable support of Rs. 20,000 from welfare fund is also given as financial aid to the families of other ranks and ministerial staff equated with them. Class IV employees are given Rs. 15,000, ASIs/SIs/Inspector and ministerial staff equated with them Rs. 30,000, DSP/SP/DIG/IG/DGP/Supdt. Class -1 Rs. 40,000.

The welfare fund is also given as financial support to the  family of and employee for his  funeral charges as Rs. 1,000, excessive medical expenses, unforeseen calamities, scholarship/stipend to the children of police officials/officers/ministerial staff @ Rs. 200 for the day scholar and Rs. 400 for boarders, aid to messes, children and ladies club and retiring benefits to the tune of Rs. 1,500 for class IV, Rs. 2,500 for other ranks, Rs. 5,000 for NGOs and Rs. 7,500 for GOs.

Incentives/Certificate/Cash rewards - Cash rewards along with commendation certificates are granted to police personnel of all ranks for good work done and devotion to duty. Such cash rewards and incentives are granted by the following officers.:-

  1. CC-I with unlimited cash reward subject to budget limit by IGP/ADGP/DGP.
  2. CC-II with cash reward of Rs. 750/- or less by DIG.
  3. CC-III with cash reward of Rs. 150/- by SP/AIG and Commandant.

Contribution by Punjab Police for national cause - Whenever the need arises Punjab Police contributes liberally to meet the challenges. Recently Rs. 1.20 Crore have been contributed by Punjab Police officers/officials and remitted to the State Government for a contribution towards Kargil fund.

Grant of scholarship to the wards of deceased police personnel out of pensioner's welfare fund - Scholarship to the wards of deceased police officers/officials is granted out of Punjab Police Pensioner's Welfare fund Rs 100 and to those who are school going Rs. 150 per month. Out of this fund Rs 5,000 are granted to the pensioners for the marriages of their daughter. This benefit is also granted to terrorist victim families for daughters marriage.

Setting up of Punjab Police public schools at Amritsar, Bathinda, Jalandhar and Phillaur - At present Punjab Police has four public schools at Bathinda, Amritsar, Jalandhar and Phillaur in which many facilities are provided to the children of deceased police personnel:-

1. Free education
2. Concession in hostel charges
3. Free books, stationary and uniforms etc. etc.   

Concessional traveling facility to other ranks and NGOs - This facility was provided by the state government in the buses of Punjab Roadways and PRTC in the year 1988. For this facility police department deducts Rs 20 per month from each beneficiary and remit the amount to transport department. Presently the deduction towards this facility is Rs 100 per month.