Safety tips

Home Protection
1. Give all the details of your family servents to the nearest police station.
2. Don't leave your home alone.
3. Keep a strict vigil on your servents.
4. Use a reliable locking system.

Vehicle safety
1. Park your vehicle on authorised parking place.
2. Properly lock your vehicle.
3. Don't leave cash/documents in the vehicle.

Woman's safety
1. Don't go alone in the lonely places.
2. Inform your parents before leaving.
3. Don't trust the strangers.
4. Don't be friendly with unknowns.

Child safety
1. Don't send your child with the strangers.
2. Make sure that your door is locked when your child is small.
3. Be careful about your children.
4. Make sure that the company of your child is good.
5. Don't ignore your child's drawbacks.

1. Don't leave your cash or other property in the public place
2. Be careful when you are in cinema hall, bus stand or other public places.
3. Make sure that your property is in safe hands.