Shri S. S. Virk, IPS,
(Padmashri, P.M.G.),
Director General of Police, 
                 Punjab, INDIA.

  Dear Brothers and Sisters,

      In its onward march towards globalization, universal peace and progress, society is crucially dependent upon certain institutions, which veritably from its backbone. Be it a  democracy, a theocracy, an autocracy or a communist state or any other form of government, the police constitute the cutting edge regulatory interface and most important pillar upon which rests the entire edifice of all progressive societies. Being the  executive or the  regulatory arm of the  government, it becomes the duty of  the  police to enforce, protect and  uphold the law of the land from the  grassroots up to the highest level. At the same time, this most visible  organ of the government is also the most vulnerable. In Indian parlance our legacy of policiting  in Mughal & British times, as a strong arm of the government, needs metamorphic  changes as a sensitive & acceptable entity. For this reason, it is imperative that a conscientious police officer should view himself somewhat like Caesar's wife: not only should he be upright and just, but also appear to be so, with an acute sense of understanding of a vibrating and developing society.

       The post-independence era has witnessed the evolution of the Punjab Police as a robust, cohesive and capable force, always prepared to take on the  challenges thrown up by the changing times. The spirit and manner in which the  Punjab Police successfully controlled the deadly scourge of terrorism in Punjab proved to the world that nothing is impossible. But now, fresh challenges await us. Our population, stagnant economic growth and increasing unemployment pose a serious threat to the moral fabric of our society. Lack of opportunity  has lured many a frustrated youth  towards drugs, crime and an easy life devoid of moral values. The modern criminal is much better equipped, smarter, more desperate and consequently, much more dangerous. To prove equal to the task and to sustain the faith of the  individual in the system, it is imperative that each police officer conducts himself as a thorough professional. Coupled with this, revolution in communication technologies, Internet, Cable TV & explosion of the written word has suddenly turned our backwater rural & complacent urban society into a very well exposed & knowledgeable entity.

       It is a matter of utmost pride for me to have been afforded the opportunity to command such a gallant force. I am honoured and aware of the responsibility. I am confident that with the co-operation of all ranks and  good wishes, we will uphold the dignity of the profession and scale even greater heights in the days to come. At the end, I would take this opportunity to give a  firm assurance that we shall spare no effort to bring professional transparency  and accountability right at the  doorstep of the common man so as to ensure a safe, secure and just environment in the state.

Jai Hind