The tyrant dies and his rule ends; the martyr dies and his rule begins...

The beginning of the eighties confronted Punjab Police with the unenviable and enormously difficult task to handle over a decade-long brutal phase of mindless violence by misguided youth of Punjab. Misguided by the opportunistic agencies like ISI of Pakistan, which had been constantly fermenting religious insensitivity and intolerance through some of the religious groups of Punjab. The dilemma of Punjab Police was that the sons of soil of rural Punjab, who formed the bulk and back bone of the State, Punjab Police had to fight its own kiths and kins who gravitated to terrorism under the brain-washing, arming, and training of ISI. The leadership in Punjab Police was actually aware of these social and operational realities. Hence, the young officers of the Indian Police Services led the force from the front, and were extensively involved in the control of terrorism at the field level.
Cohesiveness in ranks, professionalism of the highest order and the dictum of duty before self kept Punjab Police in very high spirits despite the fact that the mindless and brutal killers among terrorist ranks, not only ambushed the policemen on duty, but also killed them even off-duty and while on leave. The brutality extended to cold-blooded killing of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children of Punjab Police personnel. However, the saga of commitment of Punjab Police to its duty translated into absolute control of terrorism despite over 1,700 martyrdom of its men besides hundreds of cowardly killings of their relations by the terrorists.
Punjab Police is tremendously proud of its men and maintains extremely fond memories as well as looks after the wards of its departed brilliant martyrs. Punjab Police presents some of its martyrs through this website as its salutation and deep regards for them.

Sh. A.S. Atwal IPS, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Jalandhar.  (23.2.1943  ---  25.04.1983)

He was shot dead by terrorists at the gate of Golden Temple, Amritsar on 25.04.1983, while returning after paying obeisance with Karah Prasaad  in his hands.  He was unarmed when pumped with number of bullets with deadly assault riffle.  He was awarded President Police Medal for Gallantry posthumously.   

Sh. Ajit Singh IPS, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Border Range, Amritsar  (10.4.1945  ---  7.5.1991)

On 7.5.1991 Sh. Ajit Singh was leading the force and engaged in a fierce encounter at village Ratoul, police station Tarn Taran.  He along with other four security men were killed in the encounter.  The terrorists used highly sophisticated sniper riffle Dragnov to aim at Sh. Ajit Singh from a long distance. Before dying he saw that seven terrorists belonging to BTFK were also killed in the encounter. 

Sh. A.S. Brar, IPS, Senior Supdt. of Police Patiala (11.4.1955 --- 14.12.1987)

In the early morning hours on 14.12.1987 Sh. Brar along with Sh. K.R.S. Gill, SP/Hqrs were busy in doing exercises for their physical fitness.  The two terrorists putting on track suits pretending to be sportsmen opened fire upon them, as a result of which both the officers died on the spot.  He was awarded Padam Shri posthumously.

Sh. K.R.S. Gill, IPS,  SP/Hqrs. Patiala (15.3.1955 --- 14.12.1987)

Sh. Gill was busy in doing physical exercises in the morning hours of 14.12.1987 along with Sh. A.S. Brar, SSP/Patiala when two terrorists in the garb of sportsmen came in track suits and open indiscriminate firing killing both the officers on the spot.

Sh. Sital Dass, IPS, SSP Patiala (18.10.1948 --- 17.8.1988)

Sh Sital Dass, Senior Supdt. of Police,  Patiala along with Sh. Baldev Singh Brar, SP/D Patiala, were interrogating some persons having links with top terrorists of KLF. The officers were shot dead in the police station from close range.

Sh. Gobind Ram, IPS, Commandant, 75 Bn PAP Jalandhar Cantt. (22. 9. 1945 ---  10.1.1990)

Sh. Gobind Ram while carrying out official duty in his office  in PAP Complex, Jalandhar on 10.1.1990,  was killed in a bomb blast, which was planted by the terrorists in the cooler of his office. Four other police personnel also died in this blast.


Sh. B. S.  Brar, PPS, Superintendent of  Police, Detective, Patiala.(27.11.1941 --- 17.8.1988) 

Sh. Brar along with Sh. Sital Dass, SSP, Patiala were interrogating top links of terrorists of KLF in the police station Civil Lines, Patiala. Both the police officers were shot dead from the close range.

Sh. Harjit Singh, PPS, Superintendent of  Police, Operation, Tarn Taran (22.4.1943 --- 24.11.1990)

Sh. Harjit Singh was going with his gunmen in his official vehicle.  The terrorists planted bomb on the way to his office.  Sh. Harjit Singh died in the bomb blast on 24.11.1990. His two gunmen were also killed in the blast and the vehicle was blown up.

Sh. Joginder Singh Khaira, PPS, Supdt of Police, Ropar (21.3.1935 --- 9.10.1991)

Sh. Khaira had done commendable work on anti-terrorists front and was on their hit list. He was killed by the extremists of KLF on 9.10.1991 at village Khant Manapur police station Morinda district Ropar while returning back to Ropar after performing important duty.

Sh. R. P.S. Teja, PPS Supdt of Police (16.6.1953 --- 27.1.1992)

Sh. Teja, SP/Detective, Batala was engaged in an encounter at village Karnama police station Kadian on 27.1.1992.  Before he was killed by the activists of KCF (Wassan), he killed one hard core terrorist in this encounter. 

Sh. Harpal Singh PPS, Dy. Supdt of Police, Baba Bakala (5.12.1930 --- 9/10.2.1987)

Sh. Harpal Singh was killed by the terrorists in his residential accommodation at Rayya, while he was sleeping  in the night intervening Feb., 9/10.1987. 

Sh. Tara Chand PPS, Dy. Supdt of Police  (1.10.1930 --- 6.11.1987)

Sh. Tara Chand killed by the terrorists in the area of police station Jagraon on 6.11.1987 when he was unarmed and attending important work.

Sh. H. S. Gill,  PPS, Deputy Superintendent of Police (1.1.1942   ---   20.11.1988)

Sh. H.S. Gill joined as P/ASI on 18.4.1964. By dint of his hard work he was promoted to the rank of Dy. Supdt . of Police on 1.6.1984. During the year 1988 he was posted in District Faridkot and was killed by the terrorists on 20.11.1988.

Sh. Baldev Singh, PPS, Dy. Supdt. of police ( 4.2.1938 --- 27.8.1990)

Sh. Baldev Singh was on duty when the terrorists attacked on him near village Talapur police station Chamkaur Sahib district Ropar.  He was brutally killed in this attack.  Two constables were also killed and one Sub-Inspector and 3 constables sustained injuries.

Sh. Gopal Singh Ghuman, PPS, Dy. Supdt. of police, Zira (13.1.1933--- 4.1.1989)

Sh. Gopal  Singh Ghuman  receipt a secret information that some terrorists are hiding somewhere in Mallanwala area, he acted very quickly and rushed towards the terrorists and raided.In this 24 hours encounter 4 dreaded terrorists were killed. Sh. Ghuman also died in the encounter.

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